Larsen Financial is a full-service investment center that has all the products and services of the major brokerages, but without the high costs.

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About Us

Richard Larsen

Larsen Financial Profile


• Born and  raised  in Eastern Idaho
• 30 Years in financial services  industry
• 8 Years in banking
• 22 Years as a broker and financial planner

Investment Services

• Full-service brokerage services for stocks, bonds, & mutual funds
• Asset Allocation Recommendation & Implementation
• Lower cost than any full-service brokerage in Pocatello
• Wrap or fee-based accounts or transaction based

Retirement Plans

• Traditional IRAs, or Roth IRAs
• Small Company SEP IRAs, 401(k)s
• Individual (k)s for Sole Proprietorships
• Integration of non-resident retirement plans into financial plan profile

Insurance Services

• Life Insurance: Variable Universal Life, Whole Life, or Term
• Variable or fixed annuities
• 1035 Annuity exchanges

Financial Planning

• Complete financial planning
• Integration with social security
• Complete cash flow analysis
• Monte Carlo hypothetical projections

Additional Services

• 1031 Real Estate Exchanges
• Standard SIPC $500,000 insurance coverage
• Additional unlimited account insurance beyond SIPC limit


Richard Larsen writes a weekly column for Conservative Daily News, Western Journalism, and the Idaho State Journal in Pocatello, ID.

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