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For Consistency, How Liberals Must View the “Fort Dix Six”

  • For Consistency, How Liberals Must View the “Fort Dix Six”

  • 13 May 2007 by 0 Comments

For Consistency, How Liberals Must View the “Fort Dix Six”
By Richard Larsen
Published – Idaho State Journal, 05/13/07

Earlier this week six Islamic radicals from Kosovo were arrested for planning to attack Ford Dix, New Jersey, to kill as many people there as possible. Three of the six are illegal aliens, possessing no legal documentation for their presence in the United States, two had green cards for temporary labor in the States, and one was a U.S . citizen. Apparently they had made videos of their training, shooting semi-automatic weapons and yelling “Allah Akbar” (God is great) in the hills of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Authorities were tipped off by a clerk at the local Circuit City that had been requested to copy the training tapes for the terrorists.

This event provides us an opportunity to look back at our war on terror, how we conduct it, and how various elements within the government and our populace have dealt with certain aspects of it.

Actually, it should make us ponder John Edwards’ assertion that there is no “global war on terror.” Even the Congressional Budget Committee is attempting to eliminate the term “global war on terror” from the 2008 budget probably because President Bush coined the phrase. So it would appear that the Fort Dix Six are not terrorists. According to Edwards, terrorists are simply caught in a “political frame” and we generalize in calling them terrorists as part of our “political rhetoric.” Seriously, the more we hear from the left on dealing with terrorism and terrorists the more we should all realize they have no grasp of reality, and should be kept as far away from the seats of government as possible.

Balkan terrorism expert Darko Trifunovic says that the arrests show “white Al-Qaeda at work.” He also referenced the February attack in Salt Lake City when a Bosnian Muslim youth, Sulejman Talovic went on a shooting rampage at Station Square as evidence of white Al-Qaeda terrorism. Trifunovic claims Al-Qaeda has adopted new tactics of using white European youths for terrorist attacks, “because of their non-Arabic appearance.” “The strategy is to indoctrinate or poison the hearts and minds of youngsters to psyche them up for future terror operations,” Trifunovic said.

Now, as we reflect back on the left’s arguments against our efforts in the “war on terror”, let’s see how they would have to view the Fort Dix Six scenario in order to be consistent.

First of all, it’s America’s fault that the six are terrorists. They weren’t terrorists before, and if we didn’t invade their lands, Kosovo and Yugoslavia, and if we weren’t so supportive of Israel, they would not seek to kill us.

Even though they may have more information about other plans for terrorist attacks and the role the other four suspects played in their plan, we certainly can’t detain them at Guantanimo because they may be “tortured” to get information from them in order to protect Americans they may be plotting to kill. Any efforts to extract additional information from them would have to be illegal.

Just because they don’t qualify for protection under the Geneva Convention, we’d better grant them those rights, otherwise the rest of the murderous terrorists of the world will think less of us, and may do worse things than cut off the heads of Americans when captured.

The ACLU needs to be brought in to protect the rights of the accused, because it’s not their fault, it’s ours, that they want to eliminate us and cause us damage. Also, the ACLU has to protect them because their rights were undoubtedly violated by utilization of Patriot Act provisions or NSA wiretaps and we all know that those government programs encroach on our liberties.

The Circuit City clerk who tipped off local authorities must be prosecuted for violating the civil rights of the six, along with the law enforcement personnel who apprehended them because they undoubtedly used some sort of profiling which we all know is politically incorrect, plus contemporary rap and hip-hop artists admonish us not to “snitch.” It’s obvious that the copy clerk “profiled” just because the six were shooting lots of guns and yelling “Allah Akbar” in the mountains.

And of course, it shouldn’t make any difference that they were illegal aliens; they should still be given all the rights and privileges of American citizens, because it is, after all, our fault that they’re here illegally because they simply want a better life.
There, I think that captures the sentiment of the anti-war-on-terror crowd pretty well, and hopefully it sounds as ludicrous and detached from reality to you as it does me.

Among the many lessons from the Fort Dix Six, two stand out notably. First, that many among us, even of our leaders, have no comprehension of the risks facing us in Islamo-fascism and seem more interested in protecting the rights of perpetrators than protecting Americans. Secondarily, it should be obvious that some form of amnesty for illegals is not viable in resolving our illegal immigration conundrum. The current lack of enforcement of our existing immigration laws is a national security risk. America must fix the problems of illegal aliens pouring into the country before one of these plots becomes the next tragedy.

As Dan Stein, president of Federation for American Immigration Reform said this week, “Today we found out once again that our failure to control illegal immigration and our inability to manage the current caseload of people applying for immigration benefits poses a lethal risk to the nation. After years of denying the obvious – that terrorists can and will take advantage of the same unenforced immigration policies that have flooded this country with illegal immigrants — we now have irrefutable proof that the terrorists understand where we are vulnerable. We can be certain that there are many more terrorists who entered the country illegally or overstayed visas, and we may not be as lucky next time.”

Congress needs to do more to protect our borders, which is their primary responsibility in executing their duties under the Constitution. They need to do away with any plans for “amnesty” or a “pathway to citizenship” until they can gain and retain control of our borders. As Stein put it, “Luck was on our side this time, but luck is not a substitute for due diligence and an immigration enforcement policy that protects the nation and its people.”

Richard Larsen is President of Larsen Financial, a brokerage and financial planning firm in Pocatello, and is a graduate of Idaho State University with a BA in Political Science and History and former member of the Idaho State Journal Editorial Board. He can be reached at

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