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Joe Wilson Fraud, Good Entertainment Value

  • Joe Wilson Fraud, Good Entertainment Value

  • 4 November 2005 by 0 Comments

Joe Wilson Fraud, Good Entertainment Value
By Richard Larsen
Published, 11/04/05

Last week the Journal gave a “thumbs up” to the ASISU Program Board for bringing in the likes of Joseph Wilson for speaking on the campus.

If he were brought in as a propagandist, after the fashion of Michael Moore, I guess the entertainment value, not to be confused with actual informational value, could be considered. However, from an educational perspective, this man has negligible credibility as a factual source of information, which is ironic considering he’s the author of “The Politics of Truth.” I don’t think he’d recognize the truth if it bit him.

Wilson claimed that the Vice President’s office sent him to Niger. But not surprisingly, no one in the Vice President’s office knew anything about his trip .

In his oral briefing to the Senate Intelligence Committee following his trip to Niger he verified that some of Saddam Hussein’s henchmen had been there looking for uranium, which interestingly was also verified by two additional sources in Niger at roughly the same time.
However, in his now infamous op ed piece in the New York Times he totally changed his story and claimed there was no legitimacy to the intelligence reports that he had already verified with the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Senators from both parties signed a letter denouncing Wilsons’ op ed piece in light of what he had already testified.

Yet he continues to travel around the country peddling his story like it’s factual, and he’s legitimate.

Then there is the issue of the “outing” of his wife, a CIA employee, whom he openly introduces as such in social settings. That, coupled with the fact that his wife is listed in one of the many Who’s Who almanacs, by name, and listing her employer, and Wilson as her husband. It’s no wonder why the grand jury handed down no indictments on the so-called leak of his wife working for the CIA. Having not worked undercover for six years, the law protecting CIA operatives obviously has no relevance to this situation.

When the smoke clears from Wilsons’ allegations against the Bush administration, it is much more likely than not that it was Wilson himself who “outed” his wife. After all, who really sent Wilson to Niger?

I’m sure that “the right” has it’s share of reconstructionism in shaping the perceptions of contemporary American history, but the left has produced some whoppers of late, from Bill and Hillarys’ books to Joe Wilsons. It’s too bad that there are so many uninformed amongst us that those works are actually thought to be credible.

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