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Pelosi’s Blunders Part of Democrat Pattern

  • Pelosi’s Blunders Part of Democrat Pattern

  • 8 April 2007 by 0 Comments

Pelosi’s Blunders Part of Democrat Pattern
By Richard Larsen
Published – Idaho State Journal, 04/08/07

The new Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is apparently not content with her attempts to usurp Constitutional Commander In Chief responsibilities from the President, now she apparently wants to usurp Condoleezza Rice’s responsibilities as Secretary of State as well.

Last week the Congress debated 17 different resolutions attempting to micromanage the Iraq conflict. The final resolution passed by both the House and Senate declared to the world, including the terrorists we are fighting in Iraq, when we would surrender Iraq to them. All this verbiage was tied to a bill that was originally intended to be the supplemental appropriation for continuance of the Iraq and Afghanistan funding. In the end, not only did it offer complete capitulation to the terrorists by offering to them a date by which time we would retreat, but also was laced with over $22 billion of pork spending such as peanut storage facilities, aid to spinach farmers, and Capital Hill tours. After all, Congressional leaders had to bribe those congressmen and senators to vote for the bill somehow, since protecting our national interests are obviously such a low priority to them. To their credit, Idaho’s congressional delegation voted against the resolutions.

This week, in an obvious effort to outdo her usurpation of Presidential authority last week, our frighteningly reality-detached Speaker is off to Syria, a state sponsor of terrorism. Syria has long been criticized by the United States and the European Union for its regional policies and its support for Hezbollah militants in Lebanon and Palestinian Hamas terrorists. Syria is also a major purveyor in trafficking of women and illegal drug peddling.
Understandably the President’s consternation was evident when asked by reporters about Pelosi’s visit. The President correctly said Pelosi’s visit sends “mixed signals” and does nothing to change the behavior of a country that sponsors terrorism.

The mixed signals sent to dictatorial President Assad obviates the expressions of support offered by terrorists worldwide towards Democrats heading into the mid-term elections last Fall . Taped messages from terrorist leaders, a taped message from Iran’s president, and broadcasts on Al Jazeera promulgated broad support for Democrats heading into last year’s elections. Regrettably, the cause of that support and the fruits of the election outcomes are becomingly increasingly obvious.

It’s bad enough that Pelosi would attempt to normalize relations with a state sponsor of terrorism, but the manner in which she did it was absolutely astounding. Pictures of her with her head covered with a scarf in lieu of a burka have been emblazoned across the newspapers and television screens worldwide. The female head covering is symbolic of submission in the Muslim world. Wasn’t that a brilliant gesture from the third-in-line from the Presidency?

But it gets even worse, if that is imaginable. Pelosi assured Assad that Israel was ready to come back to the peace table, in spite of the fact that Syria repeatedly has required giving up the Golan Heights region before peace talks could be resumed. Prime Minister Omert of Israel quickly denounced Pelosi’s statement as incorrect and rebuked her for implying Israel was ready to make the concessions Syria demanded in order to resume peace talks. In essence she did what Joseph P. Kennedy did in meeting privately with Hitler’s ambassador in 1938.

Israel is our only reliable ally in a region of implacable foes and false friends. Israel is a bastion of democracy and human rights in a part of the world largely bereft of either. And for Pelosi, due to arrogance, ignorance, stupidity, or a combination of all three, to accede negotiations points to Syria that were not authorized by Israel is unconscionable at best, and naïve or stupid at worst. Her acts may also be a felonious infraction of the Logan Act.
Mitt Romney correctly observed that “Washington is a broken place right now, dysfunctional in some respects, which has been evidenced by the trip by Nancy Pelosi to Syria, but also evidenced by the failure to deal with overspending,” obviously referring to the pork-laden war appropriations legislation.

What is it with politicians with a “D” behind their name that compels such detachment from reality with such obvious abandonment of reason? There are few exceptions, like Joe Lieberman, but the pattern is distinct and somewhat inscrutable. This pattern manifests itself with remarkable regularity as in the following examples: President Clinton and John Kerry traveling overseas denouncing President Bush and our foreign policy; Jimmy Carter not only denouncing our foreign policy abroad (so much for the old truism that politics stops at the water’s edge!), but prostituting himself to Osama bin Laden’s family for a million dollars for the Carter Center; and Congressman Murtha leading the charge for U.S. failure in Iraq. As a party, they need an infusion of “neocon-itis,” that is liberalism mugged by reality.

Are they really so greedy for power and attention that they are willing to sacrifice our national security to garner political points? Are they so puffed with arrogance that they think we’re all too illiterate or uninformed to realize that their pandering is all about form with no substance? These people prove time and again that they can’t be entrusted with our national security, for not only do they not believe in protecting our national interests, but they place politics and the applause of foreigners and America-haters above national security.

It’s bad enough they control Congress, but heaven help us if they regain the White House again.

Richard Larsen is President of Larsen Financial, a brokerage and financial planning firm in Pocatello, and is a graduate of Idaho State University with a BA in Political Science and History and former member of the Idaho State Journal Editorial Board. He can be reached at

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