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Celebrities Clueless on Political Issues

  • Celebrities Clueless on Political Issues

  • 25 February 2007 by 0 Comments

Celebrities Clueless on Political Issues
By Richard Larsen
Published – Idaho State Journal, 2/25/07

Fireworks were everywhere in Hollywood earlier this week, and it wasn’t because of the Oscars scheduled for Sunday night. Other than Washington, D.C., probably no other city in the country has the ability to fire up the headlines like Hollywood, CA.

It all started with a quote from a former Hillary Clinton supporter, David Geffen, who said, “Everybody in politics lies, but they [the Clintons] do it with such ease, it’s troubling.” Then the proverbial excrement really hit the fan as charges and counter charges between the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigns kicked into over-drive. Definitely one of the better shows to come out of Hollywood for some time.

Geffen, who is a record executive, film producer, and one of the three founders of Dreamworks Studio in Hollywood, has indisputable power in the fund-raising arena for Democrat candidates. He has reportedly raised about $18 million for the Clintons, and been rewarded with sleep-overs in the Lincoln Bedroom for his efforts.

Other than the fund-raising abilities of celebrities, from Hollywood or elsewhere, is there any redeeming value in such close association with the celebrity-types by politicians of any persuasion? We would think not. They’re hardly the esoteric and erudite of our political culture whose opinions we treasure. Unlike the famed intelligentsia of Eastern Europe, they are not great thinkers, nor are they great founts of wisdom and political insight. Rather, almost by definition, they are much more inclined toward form and appearance than substance. “Tinseltown,” after all, is more about beauty, glamour, and show than it is about serious issues, political intellectualism, and deep thought.

The insidious side of the show business, however, is very evident. All one has to do is review a list of some of the Hollywood productions up for Oscar nomination to see that they do, in fact, foster an agenda in their glitzy make-believe world.

Al Gore’s misleading documentary, or more accurately, “crock-umentary,” is nominated for both the Best Documentary Oscar and the Best Original Song Oscar. The inaccuracies and factual misrepresentations are too numerous to address here, but since man-made global warming is the new religion of the left, Gore’s a sure winner at the Oscars. To ensure his win, his film doesn’t blame the Chinese, who pump more fluorocarbons and C02 gasses into the atmosphere than America does, but he blames America. The hate-America and blame-America crowd loves it, and makes Gore a shoe-in.

Also up for an Oscar is “Jesus Camp.” Nominated in the Best Documentary category. It doesn’t stand a chance against Gore’s “masterpiece” but it will undoubtedly run a close second. How could the Oscar balloters not give due consideration to a film that ridicules conservative evangelical Christians? After all, in some celebrity circles, evangelical Christians are as fearsome as Islamo-fascists. Just ask Rosie O’Donnell. For some of the Oscar voters, that could be a really difficult decision!

Then we have “Children of Men,” nominated for three Oscars, that is about a heroic illegal alien who tries to save the human race while the conservative, racist government is trying to deport her. That will play well on the heartstrings of the open-border crowd.

And of course there is “Babel,” nominated for six Oscars, that depicts Americans travelling overseas as arrogant, racist, and abusive to foreigners. I guess that makes it pretty clear how they view Americans, doesn’t it?

With such anti-Americanism, anti-Christian, and anti-truth productions coming out of Hollywood, it’s hard to understand why the celebrity crowd has any impact on the real world of politics. With this kind of refuse coming from the studios, one would think politicians would race for the exits to distance themselves as much as possible from the source of such nefarious “entertainment.” Maybe that’s why there are so many similarities between the “oldest profession” and politics: the selling of oneself for campaign dollars. Of course, for these candidates it’s not a matter of political prostitution, for these Hollywood productions play so well to their political base, that it’s obvious they’ve already sold out.

Hollywood is hardly the place to look for the kinds of values and principles of governance that can continue to propel America forward economically, culturally, or in any other meaningful way. We hear virtually daily rants of celebrities who seem so consumed with compunction over their lavish compensation for little meaningful service, combined with their opulent consumption that they denounce the very country and people who have made them the financial successes they are. They should have no bearing on what thinking people in this country perceive to be the right candidates and the right issues. They can voice their opinions just like anyone else in this great country, but they have no more credibility than anyone else. If anything, when they speak up, look the opposite direction, for that’s more likely where you’ll find legitimate answers and the truth.

Richard Larsen is President of Larsen Financial, a brokerage and financial planning firm in Pocatello, and is a graduate of Idaho State University with a BA in Political Science and History and former member of the Idaho State Journal Editorial Board . He can be reached at

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