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Harsh Realities of Immigration Crisis Can’t Be Ignored

  • Harsh Realities of Immigration Crisis Can’t Be Ignored

  • 7 April 2006 by 0 Comments

Harsh Realities of Immigration Crisis Can’t Be Ignored
By Richard Larsen
Published April 7, 2006 – Idaho State Journal

What a wonderful thing to live in a country where people are willing to risk life and limb to get here! The level of prosperity that is attainable here combined with our relative freedom and liberty, hold this nation up as an ensign to all nations.

Regrettably, however, this creates problems. When people are impatient to take the immigration route, they often take the illegal approach. In a time when external forces are doing all they can to kill Americans, we can’t be as cavalier about border security as we have been.

Those who believe we have no “right” to seal off our borders obviously live in an alter-universe devoid of any semblance to reality. Borders define a nation geographically, and language and tradition define a nation culturally. Every nation has the right to protect its borders to ensure that those who intend to harm it are prevented entrance and to protect our unique eclectic culture.

Not all people who have a problem with the tactics of the homosexual community are homophobes. Likewise, not all of us who have a problem with an open borders approach to immigration are anti-immigrant.

Our country was built on the backs and through the industry of immigrants: legal immigrants! These are people who have studied and worked hard to gain citizenship and have a much better understanding of our country than those of us who were born here. They bring elements of their endemic cultures with them, but they are acculturated Americans without any of the hyphenated qualifiers; i.e. Anglo-Americans, German-Americans, Japanese-Americans, Mexican-Americans, or African-Americans. They are just Americans like the rest of us.

To those who desire to become Americans legally, we welcome you with open arms regardless of where you come from. To those who come illegally wanting nothing more than to improve your quality of life for you and your family, but wish to be contributing members of our society instead of leeches, you are appreciated but you should go through the process to be legal immigrants. Those of you who come here illegally, and become leeches to our health-care, education, and other social services, and don’t bother to learn English, you are not welcome. You are the ones creating so many of the problems California, Arizona, New Mexico, and other illegal-alien “Mecca” states are dealing with.

No doubt many illegal aliens were involved in the massive rally held in Los Angeles last week. The evidence was in the omnipresent Mexican flags there. With that kind of pride in their heritage, they should go back to Mexico and use that pride to make it a better nation. If they were desirous of becoming Americans, they would have been displaying the Stars and Stripes with much more ardor. A simplistic assessment, perhaps, but nonetheless indicative of loyalty. They are not entitled to citizens’ rights just because they are here!

This issue has great relevance to the quality of life we enjoy in the United States. Since 1980 the number of Hispanics with incomes below the government’s poverty line has risen 162%. Over the same period, the number of non-Hispanic whites in poverty rose 3% and the number of blacks, 9.5%. What we have now, apparently, is a conscious policy of creating poverty in the United States while relieving it in Mexico. By and large, this is a bad bargain for the United States. It severely challenges local schools, hospitals and housing, and it feeds social tensions

Our non-secured borders create security problems as well. Not just with Al Qaida and other terrorist infiltration, but there is another very nefarious element. The ultra-violent MS-13, or Mara Salvatrucha is being imported into the States from El Salvador. These thugs cross our Southern border with the hosts of illegal aliens bringing with them a savage mafioso mentality and modus operandi. They follow the migratory routes of the illegal aliens and are making their presence felt as far north as Washington, D.C. and Rhode Island. The FBI is now calling Mara Salvatrucha the new American Mafia.

As we work through these immigration challenges, we who are citizens need to fine-tune our immigration nomenclature. Those who legally enter this country are immigrants (the ones we welcome!) Those who enter illegally are not only illegal, but they are aliens, namely, they belong to or owe allegiance to another country or government. The “undocumented workers” moniker just doesn’t cut it. Softening the language does not soften the harsh realities of our immigration challenges.

Richard Larsen is President of Larsen Financial, a brokerage and financial planning firm in Pocatello, and is a graduate of Idaho State University with a BA in Political Science and History. He can be reached at

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